• Dermomax Keratin hair serum ampoules
  • Dermomax Keratin hair serum ampoules

Ozone shampoo and serum group nourish the hair, give it the necessary vitamins and oils, and help protect hair from breakage.

One 15 ml shampoo package is taken and poured on the hair, then rub the hair in a circular motion, after leaving it for 2 to 3 minutes, wash it with lukewarm water, after making sure that the hair is completely clean, and after drying the hair a little, apply the serum serum in the box on wet hair . Drizzle from 5 to 10 drops only on the roots of the hair and then perform a circular massage process. Do not wash the hair after applying this process.

The set comes in a box containing ten 15 ml shampoo + a large 30 ml serum box

Production date: 11-2019 ..... End date: 11-2022

Dermomax Keratin hair serum ampoules

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  • Product Code: Dermomax hair shampoo & serum
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